Medical Innovation

CYRPA Medical Security

CYRPA®, established in 2010, is a company in the field of innovation in the medical industry. Founded by technical experts and an innovation investment fund, our products are currently distributed in three continents. In 2011 we launched the CYRPA HIT® range of products that includes our SMART PHANTOM® with the best accuracy in the market and the CYRPASOFT®.

Our R&D team, constantly meeting customer needs, is developing new products in 2012!

Renewable Energy

Me Green

ME Green is a company specialized in energy solutions for the emerging countries, offering innovative solutions for the private production of renewable energy.

Gastronomy / Catering services

Cuisine Pro is the creator and distributor of frozen products leader in Rio de Janeiro.

Real Estate


Majela is a real estate company founded in the 80s that has assets in several parts of Brussels.

In 2011 Majela was acquired by a group of entrepreneurs that has started its internationalization buying properties around the world, mainly in Brazil.

The main activity of Majela is to rent either apartments and houses or offices.

Institutional investments

Campos Orientales

Campos Orientales was created to transform the poorly managed or unexploited farmland in the Southern Cone region of the Americas, with the purpose of both optimizing our crop and livestock mix as well as building up a highly profitable portfolio of properties with interesting annual operating results. We aim to be one of the leading players in South America, meeting global demands for foods and alternative energies.

LBO France

When LBO France was incorporated in 1985, it was one of France's very first private equity funds.
The company, which is independently owned, seeks leveraged buyout transactions where it can generally acquire a majority stake.